Monday, March 22, 2010

The gift of cancer.... and the gift to "just be"

Many people must think I am crazy to say that being diagnosed with breast cancer was a gift, but believe me it was! I have had the opportunity to put myself first. How many mom's & wives can say that? I have allowed myself time to just be... just be quiet, just be thoughtful, just be in front of the fire, just be with a book curled up in bed....

As women, we don't often give ourselves the right to just be - but I was granted the gift of cancer and that gift granted me the "just be" card. I use it a lot. I am trying to convince my girlfriends and children that they too can use the "just be" card and not have to be a cancer card holder at the same time.

Take time to just be... just be you - the best you you can be at this moment, for yourself and all for those who love you.

I choose to "just be" with a purpose......

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