Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Monday Morning

As I went to sleep last night I could hear the gentle tapping of rain on our metal roof, and the rhythmic sound lulled me to sleep. Peaceful & Lovely.

When I awoke this morning, I was immediately aware of the pounding rain on the roof. A much different feeling was stirring within me. Not the lovely quiet peace that had sent me drifting into sleep last night, but a rather fast beat that took hold of my psyche and started my day with a jump start.

It's an interesting juxtaposition isn't it? Rain can have so many different effects on us. It can seem cleansing, it can be helpful as for a farmers crops in a dry field, and it can also be devastating. It can erode mountain sides, it can flood those same crops, and it can destroy homes and dreams.

Isn't it with almost anything in life, that there is a good and a bad, a yin and a yang, a positive and a negative? In our living of life we must prepare for both sides of each situation. If our home is built on shaky ground - bolster it. If our lives are situated on shaky ground - change it. If a relationship is broken - mend it.

How are you standing today? Is your foundation solid as a rock or does it feel a bit shaky? Is the rain feeding your crop or is it flooding the fertile soil? If you prepare yourself each morning, you can just let the rain fall and enjoy the lulling song it sings.....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cinderella Spring

Thursday was so beautiful. The sun was warming my little part of the planet and as I prepared to do some housework, the Disney version of Cinderella came to me. You know how in the Disney version of the story Cinderella sings sweetly while scrubbing the floor, tries to teach the family dog how to get along with the evil step-cat, and has friends wherever she looks?

I realized on Thursday that I suffer from..... Cinderella Spring. I guess if I must suffer from something, it might as well be a ridiculously positive outlook!

As the feeling of the annual rite of spring cleaning fell hard upon me, I cranked the Christian rock music and began to vacuum and mop the first floor of the house. I began to think of Cinderella and how she looks for beauty and peace in all things and all people. Some women would have turned bitter and angry for having all that was once lovely in her life taken away from, and turned against her. Instead, Cinderella found friends where there once were none, she found joy in music, and she found strength within herself.

I don't mind suffering from Cinderella Spring - because it is who I am deep within my core - even in the cold of winter....

Monday, March 22, 2010

At Sea....

I had a wonderful chance meeting with an old friend today in Stowe. Betsy is a very sweet, energetic, beautiful young woman who is feeling like many of us do in times of change.... at sea.

I told her of my gift of cancer, and the gift of just being, and the gift of living with purpose. I hope the pearls of wisdom shared by an older friend will help her find her way.

How does the song go? Live like you were dying? Doesn't it make so much sense? When we are living on auto-pilot we loose sight of the goal. If you lived like you were dying, you would keep your eye on that goal and reach for the stars. Why not?

If we just lived with purpose, with intention and for the moment -- think of how much we can do and how many people we can help. God gives us each moment as a gift, how you live it is your gift to Him.

The gift of cancer.... and the gift to "just be"

Many people must think I am crazy to say that being diagnosed with breast cancer was a gift, but believe me it was! I have had the opportunity to put myself first. How many mom's & wives can say that? I have allowed myself time to just be... just be quiet, just be thoughtful, just be in front of the fire, just be with a book curled up in bed....

As women, we don't often give ourselves the right to just be - but I was granted the gift of cancer and that gift granted me the "just be" card. I use it a lot. I am trying to convince my girlfriends and children that they too can use the "just be" card and not have to be a cancer card holder at the same time.

Take time to just be... just be you - the best you you can be at this moment, for yourself and all for those who love you.

I choose to "just be" with a purpose......

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have three sisters, and they are also dear friends. How lucky am I? We laugh together, cry together, and gripe about stuff together. We share secrets and never tell......

We are sisters by chance, and friends by choice.