Monday, March 22, 2010

At Sea....

I had a wonderful chance meeting with an old friend today in Stowe. Betsy is a very sweet, energetic, beautiful young woman who is feeling like many of us do in times of change.... at sea.

I told her of my gift of cancer, and the gift of just being, and the gift of living with purpose. I hope the pearls of wisdom shared by an older friend will help her find her way.

How does the song go? Live like you were dying? Doesn't it make so much sense? When we are living on auto-pilot we loose sight of the goal. If you lived like you were dying, you would keep your eye on that goal and reach for the stars. Why not?

If we just lived with purpose, with intention and for the moment -- think of how much we can do and how many people we can help. God gives us each moment as a gift, how you live it is your gift to Him.

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  1. Yes, life is a gift - thanks for reminding all of us to take out time for ourselves. It can be hard to do, but well worth the payoff. I think blogs are a gift too - great to just throw thoughts out into the 'cosmic universe.' Love ya, Sis!